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2 steroid injections 💉 later and still fighting plantar fasciitis! But it’s not gonna beat me 💪! #plantarfasciitis #injury #irishdance #irishdancing #irishdancer #jump #practice #steroidinjection #cortisone #heel #heelpain #5months #physio

Ed Searle and his student, Catherine, 2013 North American Irish Dance Champion.


This picture.

She’s so much stronger than I will ever be!
Please ask me questions!!




Questions for irish dancers 2
1. If you would go to worlds , what would you do first ?
2. Who's your favorite designer ?
3. Soft shoe or hard shoe ?
4. Reel or slip jig ?
5. What would you do when someone kicks you in a set ?
6. Did you ever made a big mistake in a set ?
7.What's your next goal for now ?
8.How manny times a week do you train ?
9. Do you run to get a stamina ?
10. Do you fitness ?
11. Do you got abs ?
12. Are you happy with your body ?
13. If you ever have a child , would you let it dance ?
14. Do you ever think about what would happen if you cann't dance anymore ?
15. Does that makes you sad ?
16. could you live without dance ?
17. What do you schoolmates think of dance ?
18. Do you tell them things about dance ?
19. Are you afraid they laugh ?
20. Are there people of your school dancing ?
21. Do you do some other styles of dance ?
22. Are you irish ?
23. Do you have family in Ireland ?
24. Do you have friends in Ireland ?
25. What would you do when you would go to Ireland ?

my immediate response was WHAT? Much too young. Makes me want to embrace life even more so.
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